Wildlife Salvation Stationery



1) Pen

pen big


pen slant


The design is a work of art itself. It has a clear and defined finish.

This, combined with the smooth quality ink, makes this pen a must-have product.




2) 4GB USB Flash Drive

tb dr2

Handy 4GB memory sticks provide reliable file backup.

Great to use as keepsake or souvenier for your friends!




3) Mouse Pad

Wildlife Salvation Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad with Large surface area – ideal for all mouse types




4) Wall Calendar Year 2014

cover 14jan 14feb 14mar 14apr 14may 14

jun 14jul 14aug 14sep 14oct 14nov 14




5) Mug



Show your support in wildlife conservation by using this mug!

For the love of Animals!



6) Notebook (Design 1)

Wildlife notebook cover 1 Wildlife notebook back 1

Size: 139mm x 216mm

80 page count

Choice of filler paper: Lined or Blank

Paper Type: