Protect the Rhinoceros Cherish the Tigers Love The Polar Bears Save The Whales Treasure the Elephants

Protect the Rhinoceros

Why eat their horns when it only contains keratin, which is akin to our hair and nails?

Cherish the Tigers

Appreciate the beauty of tigers when it is alive, not when it is extinct

Love The Polar Bears

Can you help to stop Global Warming?

Save The Whales

Say no to whale meat

Treasure the Elephants

Ivory are not for us to keep.

06th Oct 2014
Orangutan in cage via Shutterstock-500x334

Trafficking wildlife and transmitting disease: Bold threats in an era of Ebola

The Ebola epidemic in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone continues to spread despite country and international efforts to stop it in its tracks and make sure it never returns.  As of October...

04th Oct 2014

Wildlife Officials Warn Pilots to Avoid Massive Walrus Herd

Federal wildlife officials have asked pilots to stay clear of a massive herd of walrus that has gathered in record numbers on a beach in northwest Alaska. An estimated 35,000 walruses...

24th Sep 2014

50 Greenpeace activists stop coal train with polar bear

Greenpeace activists have brought a coal train to a halt near Retford, using a model of a polar bear to block the track. The organisation has commandeered a coal train and...

17th Sep 2014

Japan slaughters first dolphins in widely-condemned annual cull

  Fishermen, on a boat with their fresh kill, navigate blood-filled waters in the coastal town of Taiji in Japan’s Wakayama prefecture, during last year’s annual dolphin cull. Photo: AP...

15th Sep 2014

The Truth About Rhinos

This presentation by Franette Armstrong marks another installment in the “Gray Papers” addressing all things elephant, rhino and other African wildlife now endangered due to human behavior and culture. Rhinos....

04th Sep 2014
A male Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) starved to death due to climate change, Svalbard, Norway

Starved polar bear perished due to record sea-ice melt

Climate change has reduced ice in the Arctic to record lows in the past year, forcing animals to range further in search of food   Picture: This 16-year-old male polar...

03rd Sep 2014

Kenyan Commandos on Frontline of Poaching War

Picture: Elite-rangers before embarking on a night patrol at a base camp at the Ol Jogi rhino sanctuary, in Nairobi. (AFP) OL JOGI, KENYA:  With camouflage uniforms, assault rifles, night vision...

02nd Sep 2014
Annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan

Japan’s annual dolphin slaughter begins at Taiji cove

Picture: The selection process of dolphins, during the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan, 20 January 2014. Photograph: Sea Shepherd/EPA The controversial six-month dolphin hunting season began on Monday in...

24th Aug 2014

Catch of the day: Brown bear sits to enjoy his meal after a successful day’s fishing with his friends

        This chilled out brown bear looks like he has all the necessities of life, as he relaxes in the river with a tasty, freshly-caught salmon. The...

23rd Aug 2014

14 Places to See Wildlife

1) Pandas – Chengdu Research Base, China Pic: A Giant Panda cub is seen at China’s largest breeding Program at Chengdu Research Base Of Giant Panda Breeding in China. (Paul...