Protect the Rhinoceros Cherish the Tigers Love The Polar Bears Save The Whales Treasure the Elephants

Protect the Rhinoceros

Why eat their horns when it only contains keratin, which is akin to our hair and nails?

Cherish the Tigers

Appreciate the beauty of tigers when it is alive, not when it is extinct

Love The Polar Bears

Can you help to stop Global Warming?

Save The Whales

Say no to whale meat

Treasure the Elephants

Ivory are not for us to keep.

15th Feb 2015
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Thousands to Rally Today Against Taiji Dolphin Slaughter for “World Love for Dolphins Day”

Melissa Sehgal, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society  On 13th February 2015, thousands of people around the world are joining their voices together in a call for compassion for dolphins being brutally captured...

09th Feb 2015

Thailand’s famous Tiger Temple raided for suspected wildlife trafficking

Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua has been dogged for years by talk of links to wildlife trafficking and its maltreatment of tigers ‘Tiger Temple’, in Thailand’s western Kanchanaburi province, has...

08th Feb 2015

Rampant poaching of wildlife and forest produce devastating for Asia

By Nirmal Ghosh, Indochina Bureau Chief In Kathmandu 7 Feb 2015   Picture: A one-horned rhino being fitted with a tracking collar in Nepal. The Himalayan country has just over...

02nd Feb 2015

Victory for Elephant Welfare as rides at Singapore Zoo are banned!

    In December, Singapore Zoo announced that as of the 5th January 2015, visitors will no longer be able to ride or have contact with the elephants, as part...

01st Feb 2015
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All’s Whale That Ends Well

Humpback whales, once extensively hunted, have been saved from near-extinction. Their growing numbers today are reassuring, says author Malcolm Smith, but awareness needs to be maintained to ensure that their...

25th Jan 2015
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Whale sharks finally receive international protection

  Eric Hopton for – Your Universe Online The largest fish swimming in the world’s oceans have at last received international protection from the international tuna purse seine fishing industry...

18th Jan 2015
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The world’s loneliest elephant has been kept all alone in concrete ‘jungle’ since 1977

Mali has not felt grass under her feet or had contact with another ­elephant for nearly 40 years  Jan 17, 2015 23:06 By Jill Main Let her go: Campaigners want...

18th Jan 2015
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Rhinos ‘could become extinct in just over 10 years time’ if poaching continues

RHINOS could become extinct in just over 10 years time if poaching continues at current rates, according to a leading wildlife charity. Published: 11:00, Sat, January 17, 2015 By LEVI WINCHES A...

05th Jan 2015
Giant Ibis

Birds On the Edge of Existence

Hunting, pesticide used, development – human activities are leading to a fall in bird populations. The following is a list of Asia’s 10 most endangered birds, with some of them...

04th Jan 2015
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Tiger farms stoke Chinese demand for tiger wine and rugs, putting wild cats in peril

Picture above: A tiger begs tourists for treats at the Heilongjiang Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin, in China’s Heilongjiang province. Qilai Shen/For The Washington Pos By Simon Denyer January To the thump of...