Protect the Rhinoceros Cherish the Tigers Love The Polar Bears Save The Whales Treasure the Elephants

Protect the Rhinoceros

Why eat their horns when it only contains keratin, which is akin to our hair and nails?

Cherish the Tigers

Appreciate the beauty of tigers when it is alive, not when it is extinct

Love The Polar Bears

Can you help to stop Global Warming?

Save The Whales

Say no to whale meat

Treasure the Elephants

Ivory are not for us to keep.

01st May 2015
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A Zambian Walking Safari: the Ultimate Wildlife Adventure

You haven’t really been on safari until you’ve gone toe-to-toe with a hippo ENLARGE AU CURRENT | Safari-goers cross the Mupamadzi River on a walking safari in Zambia’s South Luangwa...

23rd Apr 2015

Happy Earth Day! Can we all make Mother Earth Happy by clearing our own deeds?

Dispose off all waste properly. Recycle whenever possible. Every little action helps! Spread the word around. #1 Tortoise Trapped By Plastic   #2 Turtle Trapped By Plastic Waste that obstruct...

12th Apr 2015
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Orangutan Rescue in the Land of the Chainsaw

  Text and photos by iLCP Fellow Paul Hilton. Posted by International League of Conservation Photographers on April 9, 2015 A bulldozer moves earth inside the protected Leuser Ecosystem to make...

03rd Apr 2015
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This needs to stop: The darker side of tourism

Abused elephant cries while being rescued   WARNING: Disturbing content “LOOKS like fun!” “Big deal.” When a hotel in Thailand posted images on its Facebook page showing drunk revellers riding a...

01st Apr 2015
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Can elephant tourism be ethical?

The chance to interact with elephants tops many people’s south-east Asia holiday wish lists, but how can we be sure they have been well treated? Whether a baby elephant has...

07th Mar 2015
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Victory! Phasing Out Elephant Performances in Ringling Bros Circus!

Written by Jennifer O’Connor | March 5, 2015 Article by: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced today that in response to growing public concern over “how the animals are treated,” it will...

01st Mar 2015
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The Silence of the Great Indian Bustard Birds

Picture: Scientific studies carried out on the other bustard species have shown that bustards are more prone to such collisions because of their low height flight and relatively small binocular field...

18th Feb 2015
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While Enjoying New Year Celebrations… Say no to shark fin soup

Shark fin soup facts The Truth About Shark Fin Soup Article extracted from People who are involved in the shark fin trade or who enjoy eating shark fin soup often argue that shark...

18th Feb 2015

Wildlife Salvation wishes all readers Goat Xi Fa Cai!

  Wildlife Salvation wishes all readers Goat Xi Fa Cai!  

16th Feb 2015
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Unusual String Of Bottlenose Dolphin Deaths Linked To BP Oil Spill

BY EMILY ATKIN POSTED ON FEBRUARY 13, 2015 AT 11:30 AM In this July 3, 2013 file photo, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin named Tanner is shown during a demonstration at the Dolphin Research...