Can you spot the polar bear in this landscape full of penguins?


Can you spot the big white polar bear hiding amongst all these penguins? Caters News Agency

This is the magical moment 150,000 penguins gather around South Georgia Island, huddling together to keep their new-born chicks warm.

But can you spot the sneaky polar bear in their midst? Only the most eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot the big white bear lurking amongst the thousands of penguins in this puzzling picture, captured by renowned wildlife snapper Filo L’Opra.

This latest mind-boggler, is the latest in cross-eye-inducing ‘find the animal’ optical illusions.

First there was the ‘find the panda among the snowmen’ image:


Where's the panda?
Where’s the panda? Facebook / thedudolf


Then there was another find the panda conundrum – this time among a bunch of Stormtroopers:


Panda Star Wars


Then there was the seriously tricky task of finding the cunning cat amongst all these owls:


See if you can spot the cat amongst the owls
See if you can spot the cat amongst the owls Facebook


If you nailed the challenges above, you’re sure to love this new challenge.

So did you find it yet?