08th Feb 2014

Wildlife trafficking

Wildlife trafficking The international wildlife trade is a serious conservation problem, addressed by the United Nations‘ Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITES, which currently has 175 member countries called...

02nd Feb 2014

99%? Thoughts for you to ponder..

The 99% oppressed started the Occupy Wall Street movement. 99% of animals live in unimaginable misery, they are horribly abused by humans who think that animals belong to them. Not...

29th Jan 2014

Have you reduce your carbon footprints on Earth?

In Wildlife Salvation, we strongly believe the humans should live in harmony with our natural environment and all animals. By doing your part in reducing your carbon foot prints on...

22nd Jan 2014

Japanese fishermen slaughter 41 dolphins, capture 52 in ‘The Cove’

Taiji fisherman capturing a bottlenose dolphin. Photo courtesy of Sea Shepherd   The annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan ended on Monday with dozens being slaughtered for meat and captured...

05th Jan 2014

China to destroy ivory stockpile

The Chinese government plans to destroy a stockpile of contraband elephant ivory and other seized wildlife products next week during a public ceremony in Guangzhou, reports the Wildlife Conservation Society...

01st Jan 2014

Asia for Animals (AFA) Conference in Singapore 13th – 17th January 2014

Happy New year 2014! The Asia for Animals (AFA) Conference is the largest, most representative Asian animal welfare conference. The conference is organised by the Asia for Animals (AFA) Coalition:...

15th Dec 2013

China bans shark fin, bird’s nest soup from state banquets

China has banned shark fin and bird’s nest soup from being served at official state banquets, reports Chinese state media.  The move, announced Sunday via a notice from the Community...

10th Dec 2013

Leatherback sea turtle no longer Critically Endangered

The leatherback sea turtle—the world’s largest turtle and the only member of the genus Dermochelys—received good news today. In an update of the IUCN Red List, the leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea)...

08th Dec 2013
xmas wildlife

Season’s Greetings from Wildlife Salvation!

Advance Merry X’mas to all!

08th Dec 2013

DNA tests reveal new dolphin species

With the help of DNA tests, scientists have declared a new dolphin species that dwells off the coast of northern Australia. The discovery was made after a team of researchers...