02nd Sep 2016

India loses 83 tigers in eight months: Conservation body

  The country has lost 83 tigers within eight months this year, higher than the last year’s total of 77, says the official website of National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)....

01st Mar 2016
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The world’s ugliest tiger: How generations of inbreeding left big cat looking more like a DOG

By HANNAH PARRY FOR DAILYMAIL.COM Their piercing blue eyes and striking monochrome fur have made white tigers a sought after attraction all over the world. But wildlife charities have revealed the...

25th Feb 2016

Tiger Temple Accused of Supplying Black Market

New report alleges that monks at a monastery in Thailand have been speed breeding the big cats for the illegal trade. Picture: Tigers at Thailand’s famed Tiger Temple live in...

04th Jan 2015
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Tiger farms stoke Chinese demand for tiger wine and rugs, putting wild cats in peril

Picture above: A tiger begs tourists for treats at the Heilongjiang Siberian Tiger Park in Harbin, in China’s Heilongjiang province. Qilai Shen/For The Washington Pos By Simon Denyer January To the thump of...

25th Dec 2014
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Spare a Thought for the Tiger of East Asia, It’s Almost Gone

Abysmal efforts by governments in the region have seen the iconic animal poached into near extinction. By Luke Hunt This year has been a memorable one when measured through the prism...

15th May 2014

12 Quotes Dedicated to Animal Advocates

    Fighting for animal protection of any kind is often a difficult and seemingly never-ending up high battle. News headlines can reek of despair and fresh petitions crop up daily urging us to...

04th May 2014

In 10 Years These 10 Animals Could Be As Extinct As The Dinosaurs

Save the Animals, YOU can make a difference! Join us as ONE VOICE to: Reduce demand for illegal wildlife parts and products by encouraging others to ask questions and get...

08th Feb 2014

Wildlife trafficking

Wildlife trafficking The international wildlife trade is a serious conservation problem, addressed by the United Nations‘ Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITES, which currently has 175 member countries called...

02nd Feb 2014

99%? Thoughts for you to ponder..

The 99% oppressed started the Occupy Wall Street movement. 99% of animals live in unimaginable misery, they are horribly abused by humans who think that animals belong to them. Not...

08th Dec 2013

Chinese government creating secret demand for tiger trade alleges NGO (warning: graphic images)

The number of tigers being captive bred in China for consumption exceed those surviving in the wild—across 13 countries—by over a third, according to a new report by the Environmental...