About Us

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Wildlife Salvation is passionate about protecting Wildlife and its Environment.

We organize campaigns and mission tours to create awareness.

We have lots of energy & zeal that drives us to educate our fellow human beings to respect Nature and Wildlife.



Created for the love of animals, our mission is to educate one million people to make a difference towards wildlife conservation.

Collectively in One Voice, we will stand up & be heard together!



There are numerous organizations doing a lot of great work individually promoting various  causes and campaigns

– imagine if all the Wildlife Organizations and Wildlife lovers would to speak with One Voice – we could do so much more!



Wildlife Salvation is passionate about protecting Wildlife and its Environment.

We organize campaigns to create awareness so as to educate people to respect Nature and Wildlife.

We are seeking to cooperate in One Voice to reduce illegal poaching, to minimize unnecessary animal research and more importantly to save wildlife so as to conserve the diverse breeds of animals from the brink of extinction.
By exposing through various media coverage of the illegal activities that has been carried out for the past years towards the wildlife,

it teaches the public that the future of animals is intimately linked to that of nature and mankind.

We need to salvage the wildlife now to preserve the future for the next generations.
Join our International Campaign to Save Wildlife today.

By doing so, you will be part of an international movement with thousands of like-minded people

who loves all animals and believing in saving wildlife.
Wildlife Salvation’s role is to keep you updated with the news, campaigns, goals, philosophies,

and other outreach message from any and all groups and individuals working on behalf of animals around the world.
Getting involved and speaking up for the millions of animals in the wild could not be easier

- whether it is  through a donation, taking part in campaigns or keeping yourself informed with the issues,

you can do your part to save wildlife.
We all need to do is to stand up and be heard together!



1) To provide financial support for projects focusing on Wildlife Conservation.

2) To encourage and enable the sharing of information, news, experience and skills between wildlife conservationists and organizations.

3) To raise awareness and educate the need of Wildlife Conservation to the public for all our future generations.